Metallica Frontman James Hetfield Gives An Advice To The People Who Want To Improve Their Lives 

Metallica frontman James Hetfield opened up about how music saved his life during his appearance at Little Kids Rock annual benefit concert, furthermore, Hetfield stated that he’s the living example of how music can save somebody’s life.

As some of you might know, Little Kids Rock is a foundation that was formed in 2002, aiming to give exclusive music education to children in genres including rock, pop, Latin, and rap. The founder, David Wish who was frustrated with the fact that there wasn’t enough music education in schools, started the whole project, and to this day, there have been plenty of musicians who have spoken, performed, and supported the music school such as Billie Joe Armstrong, Alice Cooper, Joan Jett, Bruce Springsteen, and many others.

For this year’s virtual benefit concert for the non-profit organization, Little Kids Rock, numerous people including famous actor, comedian, and musician Jace Black, Survivor Founder Jim Peterik, Public Enemy bassist Brian Hardgroove, and many more gathered online to raise donations for teachers and students on April 14.

In addition to those artists, the legendary frontman James Hetfield also made an appearance for this year’s Little Kids Rock virtual benefit concert as Metallica revealed via a recent post on its official Twitter page prior to the concert. While Hetfield opened up about the benefits of music in life, he was also interviewed by one of the young students of the school.

In his pre-recorded appearance, Metallica frontman stressed the significance of music by revealing that it has been a passion of his from an early age, being a tool for expression, as well as a friend, therefore, music has saved his life in every aspect of his life while explaining the importance of the school.

In addition to this, James Hetfield stated that every person should have the opportunity to try making music since it can be helpful for themselves as a channel of representation as well as an amazing career out of it if it works out, as a result, their lives can be saved through music just as James’ did.

Here is what Hetfield said:

Music has saved my life daily. It has been a passion of mine since the early, early times. Music has been an outlet for me, it has been a connection, it has been a best friend for me for my whole life.

Having an option for music, music at schools, I’m an advocate for having an opportunity and a place for people to at least explore that. And if they find it helpful, that’s great. And it could turn out to be a wonderful career. I’m here as an example of how music has saved lives.”

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