Dee Snider Slams Super Bowl Performers With Prince Example

Dee Snider recently firmly reminded the fact that Prince played live at the Super Bowl back in 2007 during a conversation with Prince fans on Twitter.

The spark leading to the fire was a post shared by Snider, assessing the differences between vocalists and frontpeople while explaining why ‘ James Brown would eat Freddie Mercury for lunch.’ After that post, a Prince fan replied, sharing the late rocker’s gif, saying:

“There was once a fellow [Prince] who kind of combined them both…”

Then, more Prince fans started engaging with Snider’s initial post, and the Twisted Sister frontman replied to some of those tweets while paying respects to Prince and compared the late singer’s ‘rainy’ gig to some of the other Super Bowl performers, saying:

“I can’t emphasize this enough… Prince played live in the rain at the Super Bowl and crushed it! F*ck all the posers playing to tape [at the Super Bowl] and expecting us the impressed!”

However, Snider wasn’t the only one who paid tribute to Prince’s performance, as NFL also celebrated the show by posting video footage and revealing some behind-the-scenes information. Apparently, when asked if he’ll be okay with the rain, the late rocker replied:

“Can you make it rain harder?”

You can reach the NFL video by clicking here.