Megadeth Announces David Ellefson’s Departure, Dave Mustaine’s Old Tweet Goes Viral

Megadeth icon Dave Mustaine shared a post on the band’s official Instagram page announcing the departure of bassist David Ellefson from the band which made Megadeth fans shock as they keep resharing the 2017 tweet of Mustaine in which he shared a selfie with Ellefson and stated that they will always be best friends.

As many of you know, David Ellefson was the only constant member of Megadeth, other than guitarist, vocalist, and primary lyricist Dave Mustaine, from the time of their establishment in 1983 to the group’s first dissolution in 2002 which started the first crack between two close friends.

The feud between two former bandmates at the time started when Dave Mustaine released his solo album, ‘The System Has Failed’ under the Megadeth name in 2004 which resulted in a legal disagreement over royalties and rights to Megadeth’s name with David Ellefson who filed an unsuccessful lawsuit back then.

The tension rose higher and the gap between two formerly close friends got bigger when David Ellefson didn’t mention Megadeth’s name in his biography, only in the discography on his official website. In the following interviews, Ellefson refused to mention the band’s name with an intention of erasing his past with Megadeth and focusing on his solo career.

While two former bandmates have had dinner around Christmas in 2005 to talk things through as Mustaine claims, their relationship got better, and kept on communicating through phone calls, eventually, Mustaine and Ellefson agreed to keep any unresolved issues in the past and work on building and maintaining their friendship again in 2010.

Here is what Ellefson said at the time about Megadeth:

“That having that time away created a realization for both of us that, while we are both productive individually, Megadeth is definitely stronger with both of us in it together.”

Ultimately, the legendary bassist returned to Megadeth’s lineup after receiving a phone call from the drummer Shawn Drover and invited him to rehearse with the band on February 8, 2010. As Ellefson revealed himself, he felt like he never left the band during the first rehearsal together with his former bandmates and since then, he has been working with Megadeth.

However, two friends don’t seem to resolve their issues after all since Dave Mustaine shared a statement on Megadeth’s official Instagram page announcing the departure of David Ellefson from the band because of an already racked relationship. While revealing the news, Mustaine stated that the relationship makes working together as a band impossible, therefore, they have to move forward without Ellefson.

In addition to the unresolved issues between two bandmates, the decision to part their ways with David Ellefson might be coming from the fact that the 56 years old musician was recently received major backlash after he was revealed having a sexual interaction with an underage girl when an Instagram user recently posted a video and some screenshots. Regardless of what the reason might be, Ellefson is no longer a member of Megadeth after years of being the iconic bassist he was.

Here is what Mustaine said in Megadeth’s post:

“We are informing our fans that David Ellefson is no longer playing with Megadeth and that we are officially parting ways with him.

We do not take this decision lightly. While we do not know every detail of what occurred, with an already strained relationship, what has already been revealed now is enough to make working together impossible moving forward.

We look forward to seeing our fans on the road this summer, and we cannot wait to share our brand new music with the world. It is almost complete.”

After seeing the heartbreaking news, fans who believed both Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson rebuild a close relationship after a picture shared by Megadeth lead guitarist on his official Twitter page which revealed a selfie with Ellefson with a caption that stated the two will always remain best friends. Disappointed by the departure of the iconic bassist, fans keep resharing the tweet, implying that two friends lied to them.

Here is what Mustaine said in his old tweet:

“We will always be best friends.”

You can see the Instagram and Twitter posts below.

Photo Credit: Megadeth – Instagram Page