Maynard James Keenan’s Metallica-Inspired Supergroup

Maynard James Keenan, who has maintained his career in the music scene for over 40 years with his powerful voice, lyrics, and distinctive style, has built a big fanbase by appearing in more than one band for years. The singer started to appeal to a particular audience with the alternative metal band Tool in the ’90s and formed the supergroup named A Perfect Circle after beginning to work with Billy Howerdel.

When A Perfect Circle took a break from its career, Keenan preserved his place on the rock scene with a new project, Puscifer. However, the act’s creation process differed from the others. It was initially a fictional band featured in the first episode of the comedy series Mr. Show and was then turned into a real band by Keenan. In addition, the singer also appeared in the Metallica-inspired supergroup featured in the comedy movie ‘Run Ronnie Run!.’

Maynard James Keenan Was A Member Of ‘Titannica’

Maynard James Keenan initially appeared in Mr. Show, the sketch comedy series hosted by Bob Odenkirk and David Cross with the band Puscifer, which also features Tool’s Adam Jones, in the mid-’90s. Following that, the satirical comedy movie ‘Run Ronnie Run!’ was written, inspired by David Cross’ character, Ronnie Dobbs, in Mr. Show, which premiered in 2003.

The film told the story of a criminal named Ronnie who was trying to build a new life in Hollywood, and a band called ‘Titannica’ was also featured. The band had made their first appearance in Mr. Show when they had visited a fan who had attempted to commit suicide at the hospital, and their song ‘Try Again’ had become a part of this dark-humorous episode.

The band was created following Metallica’s lead and included the vocalists Keenan and Brian Posehn, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, Hole drummer Samantha Maloney, and other names that remained mysterious in the movie. There were also some direct references to Metallica, and its impact on the musicians could be detected in their song’s sound.

Titannica’s ‘Ass-Kickin’ Fat Kid’ song, written by Posehn, Odenkirk, and Scott Aukerman, was sung by James Keenan for the film. Ultimately, the show encouraged Puscifer’s actual formation and brought the Tool, Anthrax, and Hole members together under the name of Titannica.

You can check out the song below.