Maynard James Keenan Shares The New Episode Of His ‘Easter Story’

Tool and Puscifer frontman Maynard James Keenan recently shared a short part from his new ‘Easter Story’ episode on his official Instagram account. The fans waiting for the video were surprised by Keenan’s decision to release it, so he explained the reason behind it.

Keenan has been living in Arizona for almost two decades, and he decided to move there following a series of strange events that happened to him. The first one was a dream in which the singer was in a small mountainside town somewhere in the desert. Even though he had never seen it in his life, it felt familiar and welcoming to him. Then, stand-up comedian Bill Hicks’s reaching out to him to get ideas about his album, ‘Arizona Bay,’ ignited fire once again.

Then, one of his friends from Arizona helped him realize that the place he saw in his dream was real, so it was the beginning of his residence there. For years, Keenan talked about choosing to live here and its benefits many times and didn’t forget to reveal some parts of it through photos, videos, and his extraordinary ‘Easter Story.’ The musician released it on his official YouTube channel, and his fans admired the Tool frontman’s narrations and the stories he told them.

In addition, Maynard James Keenan probably searched and found the meanings and metaphors behind eggs and their places in our lives, sharing great stories and memories with the new episode of his documentary-like short film. However, he only shared the first minute of this video and had a surprise for the fans who wished to watch all parts and immediately check out his YouTube channel without reading the caption.

Keenan’s IG post read:

“Been asked if I’m going to repost An Easter Story this year. It’s now up on under the Puscifer TV tab. $1.99. Consider it my birthday present. Thank you in advance.”

Consequently, the fans that want to watch the full version need to visit Puscifer’s official website and pay $1.99, which the Tool singer described as a birthday present. Keenan will celebrate it on April 17, and it’s an excellent chance for his followers to wish him a happy birthday by purchasing it.