Maynard James Keenan Shares A Sneak Peek Video Of Puscifer’s New Project


Maynard James Keenan posted yet another mysterious video on Instagram indicating that he is working on something new with his supergroup Puscifer.

Puscifer released their last album in 2020, which will be exactly one year on October 30. However, their most acclaimed album was ‘Conditions of my Parole.’ The 2013 release debuted at number 27 on Billboard 200 and sold 12,111 copies in only the first week of its release.

Puscifer frontman Maynard James Keenan has been teasing fans with an upcoming project, and he published sneak peek videos of this mysterious work. A couple of days ago, he shared a video on his Instagram account. The video showed the lyrics of ‘Tiny Monsters,’ a song from their 2013 album accompanied by some drum beats in a studio environment. The fans assumed that this was a rehearsal either for a tour or a live stream.

Keenan had published the video with this caption:

“Doin secret stuff. Shshshshhhhhh.”

The next surprise came yesterday when MJK posted another mysterious video. This time the scenery was on a stage with a lot of their instruments. The sound of the video was their song ‘Horizons,’ from ‘Conditions of my Parole.’ The fans made an assumption and stated that they might be about to do a live stream of their 2013 album very soon.

This video’s caption was not very different from the previous one:

“More Shshshshhhhhh.”

The band is surely keeping the mystery alive with these videos. They didn’t make an official announcement as to what their plans are. However, even though the fans would like a tour, especially because the pandemic restrictions are lifted, it seems like they would be content if the band was to live stream their 2013 album. The posts were published from Puscifer’s Instagram account as well for fans to comment on. The fans stated that the band should collect all their live streams and make them into an album.

You can listen to ‘Horizons’ below.

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