Maynard James Keenan Hints At The Release Of A New Project With Puscifer

Tool and Puscifer lead vocalist Maynard James Keenan shared a post on Puscifer’s official Instagram page revealing a mysterious picture that led comedian Nick Youssef to make a guess in the comments section if the band was shooting a freestyle wrestling music video which apparently may be correct as Keenan replied to the comment.

As many of you know, lucha libre which is the term used in Mexico for professional wrestling has a special place for Puscifer as they often use this theme in their official music videos such as for their ‘The Arsonist‘ music video which included animation of a wrestling match and the music video for ‘The Remedy‘ which included the story of a rather old wrestler.

Due to the fact that Maynard James Keenan shared a picture with a glow in the dark wrestling ring on Puscifer’s official Instagram page, and stated that a new announcement will be made on Thursday in addition to tagging numerous wrestlers in the caption section, many fans shared comments under his post, making guesses about the announcement.

“Heads Up. Announcement Thursday.”

While many guessed numerous possibilities such as live stream performances, or a box set, comedian Nick Youssef shared a comment under the post stating that it may be a glow-in-the-dark lucha libre music video as there are many examples previously. Maynards James Keenan replied to that comment and stated that it’s longshot, however, fans believe it’s the correct guess for the announcement.

Here is what Youssef said:

Glow in the dark lucha libre music video!! (Long shot, but had to guess.)”

Here is how Keenan replied:

“Nick Youssef gotcher Longshot right here, buddy.”

You can see the Instagram post right here.