Max Cavalera Promises To Bring Soulfly’s Lost Magic Back With New ‘Spiritual’ Album

In a recent interview with Germany’s Moshpit Passion, Max Cavalera said Soulfly’s new album will bring back their magic.

After mentioning that he prefers the early, tribal, and groovy sound of Soulfly, the singer added:

“So, it’s not that I’m jumping on the bandwagon of nu-metal; it’s not really that. It’s just that I think that the early Soulfly had some kind of magic that, through the years we kind of lost that magic. And I think we’re trying to bring it back with this new record that is gonna come out next year.”

It Is A Return To Their Early Sound

Max talked more about what fans will hear on Soulfly’s next album:

“I think it’s gonna be cool because it’s also influenced by other stuff I’m listening to at the moment, like Kublai Khan and Jesus Piece and Knocked Loose, Judiciary. So there’s really heavy breakdown grooves together with tribal drums. It’s gonna be cool, man. It’s gonna be a real cool album that I am very excited to create.”

The rocker also shared who he would dedicate the album to:

“And, of course, also the fact that my mother passed away last year, I’m gonna make this album for her. It’s a homage to her. So it’s gonna be also a spiritual record for me because of that. So it’s gonna be a special record, for sure. It’s been [two] years since ‘Totem.’ ‘Totem was our last record. I think we are inspired to create something special next year.”

Their next album comes after their 2022 release ‘Totem,’ which got lots of love from critics. Even though the band hasn’t said the title or when it’s coming out, Cavalera previously said it won’t be before 2025. He’s busy with his solo work too.

You can watch Max’s full interview below.