Matt Starr Reflects On Singing KISS Songs With Ace Frehley

Drummer Matt Starr recently joined Waste Some Time with Jason Green for an interview. He revealed his thoughts on working with Ace Frehley and singing songs from KISS’ catalog with the band’s former guitarist during the conversation.

Following his departure from KISS, Ace Frehley focused on his work as a solo artist and formed his band named Frehley’s Comet. The band recorded several demos throughout 1984 and 1985 and performed their first live show on November 30, 1984. Following a series of lineup changes, and the lack of success of his following two albums, Frehley decided to drop the Frehley’s Comet moniker and released ‘Trouble Walkin’ under his name in 1989.

Since then, the musician has worked as a solo musician and performed with his solo band. In 2012, drummer and a long-time KISS fan Matt Starr joined Ace Frehley’s band. He then played drums on the guitarist’s 2014 release ‘Space Invader’ and several tracks from Frehley’s following albums ‘Origins, Vol.1,’ ‘Spaceman,’ and ‘Origins, Vol.2.’

In a recent interview with Waste Some Time with Jason Green, Matt Starr talked about singing and playing drums with Frehley. The musician stated that he thought he couldn’t handle both duties simultaneously, but he later changed his mind about being a dual musician. Fortunately, he got his first gig as a drummer and singer with the former KISS guitarist and performed the band’s songs.

Moreover, Starr said he felt like this was his lifelong dream, and although he initially thought he couldn’t sing and play drums, he ended up doing the work. According to Starr, performing KISS songs with Ace Frehley was unbelievable, and he is pretty fortunate for singing songs by his favorite band with Frehley.

During the conversation, the host told Matt Starr the following:

“I always say that when you get a drummer who can sing, you’ve got a real advantage. You sing lead with Ace Frehley, and people know that you’re singing Paul Stanley’s songs. You’re a lifelong KISS fan, and you probably were waiting for this for quite some time.”

Starr then said:

“Yeah, that was a big thing. For some reason, I thought in my head that I couldn’t be a singer and a drummer. I had to pick one. So that’s why I did the singing. Then I finally listened to all those people that were telling me, ‘You should play drums.’

I started playing, and the first gig I got was playing drums and singing lead with Ace Frehley doing KISS songs, singing songs by one of my favorite singers, and that’s when I just said, ‘I know nothing of what’s possible.’

I felt like there was a backlog. I felt like this was my first dream at eight years old when I wasn’t even aware that I was dreaming it. There’s a backlog of sh*t that the universe is just trying to give to me if I would just get out of my own way, do the work, and then let it come to me.

So, the first gig was in New York City Times Square at the Nokia Theater. And yeah, I’m playing Ace tunes with Anton Figgs standing on the side of the stage. It’s like, ‘What the f*ck? How is this even possible?’ I’m very fortunate and grateful that happened, but again, ‘What are the odds?’ and it’s like ‘Well, pretty good if you just do the work.'”

You can watch the full interview below.