Matt Nicholls Reveals Johnny Depp Inspired Bring Me The Horizon’s Name

Inspiration is everywhere if the eyes are in search of it. For Bring Me The Horizon, according to drummer Matt Nicholls‘ answers on Impericon’s ‘Answering The Most Asked Questions On The Internet,’ the name came from a Johnny Depp scene in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

The drummer shared that when they were just starting in the business and searching for names for their band, they had watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie where Johnny Depp said, ‘Bring me that horizon.’ Initially, after changing it to ‘Bring Me The Horizon,’ they would use it as a lyric in one of their tracks, but they liked it too much and decided to make it the band’s name.

Nicholls revealed that the phrase described the time of their lives when they were young kids who wanted to live their lives to the fullest. It represented their drive to go and travel and experience the world and not stick to what they’ve known in their hometowns and aim high.

Matt Nicholls’ words about Pirates of the Caribbean’s influence on their band’s name:

“It’s from Pirates of the Caribbean, the first film we used it as a lyric; you know, we changed it to Bring Me The Horizon, and I think it was a lyric when we didn’t really have a band name for some reason it just stood out to us, and we were like we should probably call our band that so we ended up doing that, but I guess I mean it’s not just we’re not massive fans of Pirates of the Caribbean or whatever but I think it just meant like it was a kind of mood we were in when we were young.”

“We wanted to travel the world and go and do things, and you know, go and see things. It came when it captured how we were feeling about being young and being in a band and wanting to make more of your life and getting out and seeing things and doing things and just not being in our hometowns.”

It’s not like they were obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean, but Johnny Depp’s line in the movie sparked the inspiration to come up with their name that has stood the test of time. The name showcasing the band’s desire to spread their wings and make a name for themselves has continued with their music through the years.