Mastodon Works On A New Album

Mastodon might be in the process of new material.

The band’s drummer Brann Dailor recently shared a video on Instagram from West End Sound recording studio with his drum kit and wrote:

“Set up! Looking good and sounding good down at West End Sound. got after it today! Excited to do more! Eternally grateful to Tama Drums, Evans Drumheads, Vater Drumsticks, and Meinl Cymbals for helping me along the way. Donny Gillies with the sick paint job!”

A Mastodon fan asked the musician:

“New Mastodon cooking?”

He replied with a winking face emoji:

“Something like that.”

The Band Teased New Material A Few Months Ago

In March, Mastodon hinted at new music and changes to ‘Crack The Skye,’ so Dailor’s studio time might be related to that. They wrote on Instagram:

“Fifteen years ago today, we unveiled ‘Crack The Skye.’ A time where we experimented with sounds and styles previously unexplored on a Mastodon album. We’re deeply thankful for our fans, who have embraced our continuous drive to venture into new realms and challenge ourselves with every album.”

The group continued:

“Maybe we are cooking up some new stuff up in the background?… but that’s our little secret… In the meantime, revisit the album and share your favorite songs, riffs, melodies, and moments with us, we love hearing from you! Who knows, maybe there’s a new configuration of the ‘CTS’ album on the horizon…”

Bill Kelliher’s Previous Statements On New Mastodon Record

Last year, Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher had already shared that the band was planning to start writing a new album in early 2024. He stated:

“Hopefully when that’s over, December and in the beginning of next year, we can start sitting down and actually riffing out and writing a new record. Because it’s already time to — it’s past time to write a new record, even though ‘Hushed and Grim’ was a double album, and I feel like there’s a lot more juice for the squeeze of that record, but we just haven’t — because of COVID, we didn’t tour enough on it. We haven’t done a proper European tour.”

Mastodon is getting ready to hit the stage in the summer for their co-headlining tour with Lamb of God. They will play their second album, ‘Leviathan’ in its entirety during the tour. The tour will start on July 19 in Grand Prairie, Texas, and end on August 31 in Omaha, Nebraska.

You can see Dailor’s post here.