Mary McCartney On The Tips She Received From Paul McCartney About Abbey Road

Following the London premiere of ‘If These Walls Could Sing,’ Mary McCartney continues to unveil the movie’s story. Ahead of the UK debut of the documentary, Mary talked about how her father, Paul McCartney, helped her with his knowledge about the history of Abbey Road during the makings.

“It was exciting getting the history from him because I hadn’t spoken to him about it that way,” Mary told NME, revealing she and Paul hadn’t spoken about Abbey Road before. “When it’s your family, you don’t sit down and interview them about things, so I learned so much through the process.”

She continued, revealing Paul gave her little tips along the way, “He would give me snippets. So, he kind of taught me how Abbey Road really was significant, not just being a recording studio, but how the character of the place has really worked its way onto quite a lot of the music there.”

Mary then added that she almost gave up on the project as she was hesitant to make it as a McCartney, saying, “Because of my surname, I almost shied away from doing the project because sometimes I can overthink it and be like, ‘It’s too close,’ and, ‘You need just to be independent.’”

“I knew he wouldn’t ask me unless he really was doing it because of my career,” Mary said about the documentary’s director and producer, John Battsek. The photographer also added, “He wouldn’t just say, ‘Let’s get Mary McCartney to do it.’ I took it very seriously and very professionally.”

After its London premiere in December 2022, ‘If These Walls Could Sing’ arrived in the UK on January 6 via Disney+. Previously, Mary admitted having concerns about not wanting to do the documentary in the first place, but it seems she took her responsibilities very professionally.