Martin Gore Shares Andy Fletcher’s Contribution To New Depeche Mode Album

During a Berlin press conference, the remaining Depeche Mode members shared their forthcoming album’s name, ‘Memento Mori.’ Martin Gore said that Andy Fletcher was a part of the album naming process before he passed away.

Andy Fletcher’s passing in May caught everyone off guard, especially his bandmates. The founding member who had been involved since the beginning of Depeche Mode suddenly passed away from aortic dissection. The remaining members were devastated by the news, and after the pair had time to process their grief, Dave Gahan and Martin Gore shared a post on their official Instagram page.

They posted a photograph of a studio with a designated date that read 4.10.22 and gave the fans an inkling of a possible project. The fans assumed that the pair were signaling a single or an album. It turns out the prediction was indeed correct. The duo announced that they are coming back on stage with an album titled ‘Memento Mori’ that has the approval of Fletcher. Gore recently shared that one of the things that makes the new album special is that all of the songs and the title were decided before Andy Fletcher passed away.

So, the new album still carries a piece of their dear friend. The title ‘Memonti Mori,’ which means remember you will and must die, gave them the strength to look at a horrible situation and think about it positively. The duo likes to interpret it as looking at life through a different lens as they get to live every day to the fullest instead of wasting time on things that don’t bring value or joy.

Martin Gore’s words about And Fletcher’s approval of the new Depeche Mode album’s title:

“One important thing is that all the songs and even the album title were decided before Andy passed. The album title is ‘Memento Mori,’ which you know means remember you will die, you must die, and it sounds very morbid, but you can look at it positively as well. Live each day to the max. I think that is how we like to interpret it too.”

You can watch the interview below.