Depeche Mode Hint At Their First Album Release Following Andy Fletcher’s Passing

Depeche Mode posted a photograph featuring a studio and a date stamp on their official Instagram account. The post made fans jump to the possibility of a new single or an album from the band after Andy Fletcher passed away.

The band that started with four members became a trio after Clarke left. The trio continued to make music and be active in the music industry until the unfortunate passing of their founding member Andy Fletcher. Before their band member’s unexpected death, the band had released their fourteenth album ‘Spirit’ in 2017, which became the last album he was featured in.

The rocker’s untimely passing left his fellow bandmates in disbelief, and they shared their grief on social media with their fans, who loved him as much as they did. The musician’s family later informed fans that Fletcher had passed away painlessly due to aortic dissection. The remaining members, Gore and Gahan, who have been going through a rough patch since their dear friend’s passing, shared a photo of them working on new material in the studio.

With their recent Instagram post, the pair probably wanted to express that they were ready to create new music and preserve their passion for music, which they undoubtedly shared with Andy Fletcher when he was alive. The photo features the date 4.10.22, and although the pair didn’t add a caption to clarify the date’s significance, fans immediately assumed they plan to release a single or an album.

You can see the IG post below.

Photo Credit: Depeche Mode – Instagram