Maroon 5 – Jordi Album Review

In a world in which people have been trying to survive under the shadow of the global pandemic for more than a year, the healing effect of music has been more important than it was before. People can heal from losses, loneliness, and all kinds of suffering through creating and listening to music. Maroon 5 was one of the bands that tried to help their fans to get through these difficult times by releasing new music.

After the release of ‘Red Pill Blues’ in 2017, Maroon 5 has recently given a gift to their fans who have been waiting for their new album for years. The band released their latest studio album entitled ‘Jordi’ on June 11, 2021. The album was listened to by the fans quite a lot and some of the songs were considered to have the potential of being some of the classical hits of Maroon 5.

Even though ‘Red Pill Blues’ consisted of very popular and successful tracks such as ‘What Lovers Do’ and ‘Whiskey,’ none of them are close to iconic songs of Maroon 5, ‘Overexposed’ and ‘V.’ The worldwide commercial success and popularity of ‘Animals,’ ‘Sugar,’ ‘One More Night’ and ‘Maps’ are very hard to reach for the previous album of Maroon 5.

However, their latest album ‘Jordi’ seems to have more potential to reach the success of their previous hits, which have been still listened to a lot all around the world even if they are slowly losing their pop-rock style. Maroon 5 has always tried new things and experimenting with different styles by blending different genres such as hip hop, pop, rock, and electronic.

However, this time the presence of rap and hip hop sounds was dominant compared to the usual iconic style of the band. The fans also used to listening to mostly Levine’s unique and remarkable vocals in Maroon 5’s songs. Collaborations with many artists, such as Megan Thee Stallion, Steve Nicks, and Blackbear, can make the fans who like to hear Levine’s vocals more displeased. Therefore, ‘Button,’ ‘Remedy,’ and ‘Echo’ seemed to be the least favorites so far.

One of the favorite tracks of the album named ‘Memories’ is a tribute song for Maroon 5’s producer and Adam Levine’s childhood friend, Jordan Feldstein who died because of a heart attack a few years ago. In the song, Levine reflects both his sadness and gratitude for the good memories they had together. The harmony of sound and vocals in this particular song can be considered as the reason why it is one of the best songs within the album.

The other favorite songs in the album, which are ‘Beautiful Memories’ and ‘Lost, sounded like the good old days of ‘The Man Who Never Lied’ and ‘Maps’ with their pop-rock sounds and meaningful lyrics which were created like a style of their iconic songs. Consequently, although the fans would like to hear more of Adam Levine’s vocals and less hip-hop and rap sounds, ‘Jordi’ seems to be on the path to become another remarkable album of Maroon 5.