Mark Tremonti Recalls Rumors About Forming A Band With Joey Jordison

Seeing your favorite artist embark on a new project with another successful name is a big thrill for many, and rumors of such a supergroup are always there. Apparently, Mark Tremonti had his share of these. Speaking to Kerrang for a recent interview, Tremonti talked about the rumored band he would form with Joey Jordison.

Following his departure from Slipknot, Joey Jordison tried to continue his music career with various projects. After a point, many metal fans started believing Jordison, Jamey Jasta, and Mark Tremonti would be the perfect trio to form a supergroup during that period. However, it seems like this wasn’t in the plans.

“Somebody had said for years that me, Joey Jordison, and Jamey Jasta were going to start a band together,” said Mark Tremonti, revealing that they were aware of the rumors claiming that the three musicians would form a new supergroup. “I was like, ‘It would be cool, but no, we’re not!’ I don’t know where that came from.”

Joey Jordison, Mark Tremonti, and Jamey Jasta have been some of the successful names in the metal music scene, so it’s not surprising that fans hoped for a supergroup and started circulating rumors. While Tremonti admitted it would be great to work with the two, it’s not possible now since the Slipknot drummer passed away last year.

Apart from this ‘cool’ rumor, Mark Tremonti also revealed twelve lesser-known things about himself during the same interview. As it turns out, the guitarist hates sushi and seafood, is terrified of needles, and would wear the mask of one of the Baseball Furies from the Warriors if he were in Slipknot.