Marilyn Manson’s New Fashion Brand Campaign Receives Severe Backlash

Marilyn Manson recently worked with Enfants Richés Deprimes for a new campaign but eventually got backlash.

The brand shared the new pictures of Manson wearing their clothes on Instagram. Many users slammed the brand for working with an ‘abuser.’ A user wrote:

“This man brutally beats women, how aesthetic.”

Another said Manson was a ‘poser’:

“Honestly you all should be embarrassed. There’s nothing hardcore about this poser.”

Another user added:

“Working with this man in 2024 is crazy lol.”

Manson Received Heartfelt Comments Too

While most of the commenters slammed the brand for working with Manson, some praised both the musician and the brand. One said:

“SOLDIERS OF CANCEL CULTURE: Witness the return of the king. There is nothing you can do!”

Another commented about Manson’s health.

“He looks so healthy.”

One user even mentioned the sexual assault allegations:

“Marilyn Manson has not been found guilty of any charges related to sexual assault or abuse.”

Further Backlash And Lawsuits

Last month, Manson announced his first tour since 2019, where he will join forces with Five Finger Death Punch and Slaughter To Prevail for a summer 2024 tour. The tour announcement sparked criticism due to abuse allegations against Manson. In response, FFDP guitarist Zoltan Bathory mentioned in an interview that Manson has been off the road for a while, and many fans are eager to see him perform.

Later came the ongoing lawsuit.

Manson’s former assistant, Ashley Walters, has a trial date set for her lawsuit against him. The lawsuit alleging abuse was dismissed in May 2022 but was reinstated in December after an appeal. Walters is slated for a jury trial against Manson on June 2, 2025. The trial was scheduled by a judge in Los Angeles County after mediation in December wasn’t settled.

Walters’ lawyer, James Vagnini, said they were glad the delays are over and they will get to present all the facts to a jury next year.