Machine Gun Kelly Punches A Fan During Live Show

Currently on his latest tour, Machine Gun Kelly has recently posted an Instagram video that showed him punching a fan during a concert. In the caption of the video, he wrote:

“Making dreams come true.”

As the singer implied in the caption, the situation took place upon the fan’s request. While on stage, Kelly noticed his fan holding a sign asking him to punch him in the face. Upon that, he asked:

“Why do you want me to punch you in the face so bad?”

When the fan said it was because he loved the rapper, he went on:

“I got rings on, dude. That sh-t’s gonna hurt. I don’t know. It’s a lose/lose for me. I don’t know if I’m gonna do it. I’ll consider.”

Although he was unwilling at first, the video later showed MGK moving closer to the person, looking at the sign again, and then punching him. Following that, the singer told his fan he loved him and returned to the stage.

In the comments under the post, the fan in the video, whose name was Marcos Cid de la Paz, thanked Kelly and expressed his admiration by writing:

“Thank you very much for making my dream come true. I do not lie when I tell you that I love you and that I can feel deep in my heart the lyrics of your songs. I waited so long to see you, and I still cannot believe this happened.”

After clarifying that his request was not due to a ‘kink’ unlike what some commenters suggested, he went on to explain:

“These past days have been pretty hard for me, tho, and you really made my day by noticing me in the crowd and being so caring about everything. I really hope to see you again soon. You can add a couple of dates for Mexico, maybe?”

You can watch the video here and read Marcos’ full comment below.

Photo Credit: Machine Gun Kelly – Instagram