Machine Gun Kelly Overcomes Insecurities About Making Rock Music

Machine Gun Kelly recently shared his thoughts on Twitter about feeling insecure regarding his performance, which came after the release of his latest film.

The movie in question, ‘Mainstream Sellout Live from Cleveland: The Pink Era,’ was released on May 13. The film, directed by Sam Cahill, showcases a transformed 2022 ‘Mainstream Sellout Tour‘ concert in the artist’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. This exclusive one-night-only cinema event provides fans with a behind-the-scenes look at Kelly’s tour.

In his tweet, the musician discussed how the release of this film helped him overcome the insecurity that had been holding him back from sharing his content, probably rooted in the criticism he has received from many rock fans. He admitted to hoarding content and not releasing it because he felt it was not good enough.

The rocker’s tweet read:

“Who went to the movie last night? What’d you think? Ironically, releasing the film released me from the insecure place I was in that had me hoarding content and never putting it out because ‘it’s not good enough.’ The cyphers do that too. I’m just starting dropping all year.”

Furthermore, he mentioned that participating in cyphers – freestyle rap sessions – also contributed to this newfound confidence. Thanks to that and the movie’s release, he could get over his insecurity. As a result, Machine Gun Kelly now plans to release more content throughout the year.