M. Shadows On Avenged Sevenfold Being Excluded From Metal And Mislabeled As Emo

In a recent candid interview with Finn Mckenty, M. Shadows, the frontman of Avenged Sevenfold, discussed the controversial categorization of the band’s music as emo. The topic has been a recurring point of contention for the band, and Shadows didn’t shy away from expressing his thoughts on the issue. He took the opportunity to reflect on the various labels that have been ascribed to the band and how they ended up being labeled as emo.

Since forming in 1999, Avenged Sevenfold has consistently delivered a unique blend of hard rock, heavy metal, and punk rock. Their music has evolved over the years, with their earlier albums featuring a more aggressive sound that gradually shifted to a more melodic and experimental approach. This constant evolution has made it difficult for critics and fans alike to neatly categorize the band, leading to a wide range of opinions and reactions.

M. Shadows pointed out that the band’s first albums marked the beginning of the many labels attributed to them. The style they established early in their career led to confusion with the emerging ’emo’ bands, resulting in Avenged Sevenfold being categorized as such. Shadows recalled this time with a mix of humor and frustration, acknowledging its impact on the band’s reputation.

He explained his thoughts about the topic as follows:

“I don’t know. We got called a lot of things when we were coming up, and emo was one of those ones that always kind of hurt. [Laughs] Because it was like – You know, I remember when we first did ‘Sounding the Seventh Trumpet’ and when we later did ‘Waking the Fallen,’ and I got a couple of emails from some very upset fans. They started calling us ‘Hot Topic Mall-core.’ You know, this is the invention or the beginning of Hot Topic Mall-core. Then, everything that kind of came with it – I think there was like – Thursday was happening at the time, and Thrice was happening at the time, and Island Records was signing these bands. It was like a big deal that some post-hardcore different alternative music was going to the major labels. Because we came up in that scene, and I’m not calling them emo or whatever, but we kind of got lumped into this sort of thing where it’s like, ‘You’re not on Oz Fest. You’re not really playing metal. You’re playing Warped Tour, and you’re playing with emo bands, and you’re all wearing eyeliner and black t-shirts, so you are an emo band.’ You know, other words that we’re not going to get into.”

M. Shadows’ comments on the band’s mislabeling as emo shed light on the complex nature of categorizing music and the impact it can have on both fans and artists. Despite these past labels, Avenged Sevenfold has continued to push boundaries and create music that defies easy categorization. As they continue to evolve and grow, the band demonstrates that they are not defined by the labels others place on them but by the passion and creativity that they bring to their music.