Lzzy Hale Shows Her ‘Dad Chic’ Look While Explaining How Writing Songs Helps Her Heal And Empower

Lzzy Hale, who is the singer and guitarist of Halestorm, took her official Instagram account to share a new post and talked about her songwriting process.

Lzzy mentioned that she has different personalities inside her by saying she sometimes wants to be a bombshell and sometimes wants to chill and relax even with the outfits.

Furthermore, Lzzy pointed out that these different personalities help her to write songs and sometimes these personalities spoke at the same time to shape the way of the song.

While Lzzy was saying that songs are a a way to showcase every part of her, she also stated that they help her heal, grow, and strengthen due to the confessions, prayers, and statements inside them.

Here is what Lzzy Hale wrote:

“I’ve really been perfecting my “dad chic” this past year and change. Haa! Some days I want to be a bombshell and put on some lipstick, heels and a skirt, while other days I’ll be more comfortable in tomboy or androgynous attire…

There are so many women in me, and all of them are ever evolving. When I’m writing songs one of these women raises her hand and steps forward, sometimes it’s a duet between two or even three of them.

Writing songs is more than a hobby or a talent or part of what I luckily can call a career. Songs are a way to showcase every part of me, they help me to heal, grow, strengthen and empower. Some are confessions, some are prayers, some are written to make a statement.

But one thing is certain. Music has chosen me…not the other way around. So all I need to do is trust it. It hasn’t let me down yet!”

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