Lzzy Hale On Her Common Fate With Judas Priest’s Rob Halford

In the rock and metal scene, the genres that many perceive as ‘manly,’ it’s not a surprise Rob Halford had concerns about coming out of the closet. However, his public announcement was by accident. In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Lzzy Hale revealed her own coming-out story and stated that hers was not much different from Halford’s.

Halford joined MTV in 1998 for an interview to talk about his and John 5’s collaborative effort titled ‘Voyeurs.’ During the conversation, he abruptly made a sincere confession about his sexual orientation. Although it caused him to burst into tears, Halford was finally relieved that he publicly revealed his homosexuality. As it appears, Hale came out the same way as the metal icon.

“I was doing this ‘ask me anything’ on Twitter in about 2011,” Lzzy Hale recalled about the first time she came out publicly. She noted, “And I had just forgotten I’d never said anything publicly about it. This question came in from someone asking the best way to come out to their family, and I said, ‘Well, speaking as a bisexual lady, this is kind of how I went about it.’ And everyone went, ‘Wait… you’re bi?’”

Hale then continued, “So, it was totally by accident, but apparently, Rob Halford did the same thing, and he and I got the chance to talk about that when we opened for them in Auckland. It was a very strange coming out for me, but I wasn’t really worried about anyone finding out. If someone asked, I wasn’t going to lie.”

Although Halford was concerned about whether he would lose his fanbase, he now proudly says that he is ‘the gay guy in a metal band.’ Lzzy Hale had no issues about fans finding out she was bisexual, but it seems she slipped out her sexuality the same way as Halford did.