Lzzy Hale On Grudge-Holding Bandmates: ‘It’s Incredibly Disheartening’

Lzzy Hale finds it sad when bandmates can’t get along.

The Halestorm singer recently sat down with Gotts of 95.9 The Rat for a chat and the interviewer said it was great to see the band members getting along after 20 years together. To which Lzzy replied by saying:

“Yeah, it’s really nuts. It’s disheartening to see that there are so many bands… Like we’ve been out and we’ve been touring with people for years and even recently meeting up with some people that you’ve known and you’ve toured with, you can tell when bands don’t speak before they even get on stage or they don’t want to practice together they don’t want to work on the set or they don’t want to write music together anymore or someone still holds a grudge about who spilled whose milk on whose shirt.”

Hale is happy to have a good relationship with the rest of her band:

“It’s disheartening because… but it’s also like it makes me incredibly grateful for what we have. It’s work. It’s like I married three other dudes and one of them is my brother. The term don’t sh*t where you eat does not apply to me I guess but it’s a magical thing. It takes work and a lot of people don’t want to put that in.”

Arejay Hales’ Words On Halestorm’s Dynamics

In a 2018 interview with Metal Talk, another Halestorm member, drummer Arejay Hale also talked about how the band has kept the same lineup for years:

“I think a big part of it is having that family dynamic. My sister [frontwoman Lzzy Hale] and I have, of course, been together our whole lives, playing music since we were kids. We kind of had tunnel vision, and luckily, we had lots of parental support; our parents actually toured with us in our earlier tours. That whole family theme rubs off not just on Joe [Hottinger, guitar] and Josh [Smith, bass] but our crew and everybody involved.”

He added:

“Another cool thing is that we’ve had the same crew for a long, long time as well. We just acquired a new crew member this [latest European] tour, our good friend Joe Miller, who was previously with Black Stone Cherry. That’s a band we’ve known for a long time and they’re like family to us too, so it was an easy transition bringing him into the crew. We were talking about it the other day, and us and Black Stone Cherry are two of the only bands to keep the same lineup since the beginning. We wear that family badge with honor — everyone on our team does.”

Halestorm’s next shows are scheduled for July in the United States. They will also have a co-headlining tour with Evanescence in Canada. It will start on October 15 in Vancouver and run through October 29 in London, Ontario.

You can watch the rest of Lzzy’s interview below.