Lzzy Hale Is Done With Skid Row, Sharing Emotional Statement

Lzzy Hale has been touring with Skid Row for some time now. This has fans wondering if she became a permanent member of the band. Recently, she ended these rumors with a statement she shared on Instagram.

She shared a few pictures from the Skid Row tour and wrote in the caption:

“My soul is still buzzing from the crazy ride I was just on. Thank you so much to Rachel, Snake, Scotti, Rob, their amazing crew and the entire Skid Row fan base for putting your trust in me. Thank you for bringing me into your tribe, and allowing me to live inside your legacy for a moment.”

She explained more:

“What started out as friends helping out friends, bloomed into something bigger than any of us could’ve imagined. I’m overflowing with gratitude. This experience of getting to deep dive into Skid Row has given me a rare opportunity to deepen my love for these men I get to call friends. And the soul bonding moments we created together musically will live with me forever.”

Is Hale Joining Skid Row?

She ended her statement by clarifying whether or not she will be joining Skid Row permanently:

“And even though this particular time in my life prevents me from committing to a permanent role in Skid Row…I am sending in my official request to the universe that we will be able to join forces again down the road.”

Rachel Bolan Loved Hale’s Performance

Similar to how Hale liked her time with the band, the band’s bassist Rachel Bolan also loved her being a part of the tour.

The Skid Row bassist sat down with Talkin’ Rock with Meltdown and mentioned the first days Hale joined the band. He recalled getting chills when he first heard her scream:

“When we took the stage, ‘Slave to the Grind’ she unleashed. Unleashed that first scream. I was just like, I’m getting chills thinking about it right now. I was we’re all just looking at each other like, whoa.”

He added that the singer was a beast on stage:

“You know, you just said something that is, descriptive that everyone has been saying, and that’s badass. Man, it’s so perfect because she is a badass. She’s a beast on stage, man. She’s great.”

See Hale’s post here.