Lzzy Hale Explains How She Feels When Performing Live, ‘The Most Real Feeling You Can Get In This Life’

Halestorm lead singer Lzzy Hale posted a picture from an earlier live performance of the band on Instagram and opened up about how she was feeling about playing live in front of her fans.

As you may know, Halestorm was formed by the teen siblings Arejay and Lzzy Hale in late 1997. Their father joined them soon to play bass with the band. In the 2000s, the band composed today’s lineup which consisted of vocalist and guitarist Lzzy Hale, her brother drummer Arejay Hale, guitarist Joe Hottinger, and bassist Josh Smith.

Most recently, earlier in 2020, Halestorm released an EP, ‘Reimagined,’ which involved six songs. The album also included several reworked songs of the band, one of which was a collaboration with Evanescence singer Amy Lee. The band’s talented frontwoman has been also hinting at a new album that they have been working on with her posts on social media platforms.

Recently on Instagram, Lzzy Hale posted a picture of herself which seemed to be taken during one of the previous live performances of Halestorm. In the caption of her post, Hale expressed her feelings about performing a live rock show’ which she described as the most real and pure feeling one can get in this life.

Lzzy detailed how she usually feels when she performs live in front of the fans, during which she has the room depend on her to elevate it, and stated that it is actually the most beautiful way to find herself as an artist. As he mentioned how much she missed getting back on stage again, Hale added that the feeling of playing to stadiums and major festivals is ‘an intangible void that cannot be filled with anything on this earth.’

Here is what Lzzy Hale stated in the caption of her post:

“To perform a live rock show… no tracks, no click, no lip-syncing, no trickery… is the most Real, pure feeling you can get in this life. To hold the moment in your hand, to know in your bones that this could be magic or a train wreck, depending on how you’ve prepared and the risk you take being on stage… and then trusting in your soul to perform.. that is living in its purest form.

I encourage every young musician to Expose themselves in this way. Know what it’s like to have the room depend on you to elevate it. Play in front of a room filled with two people and the sound guy… make it sound like u are performing in a stadium instead. It’s the most beautiful way to find yourself as an artist.

Because if you can do all these things and then make it to playing to stadiums and major festivals, that feeling is an intangible void that cannot be filled with anything on this earth. Can’t wait to get back to this very soon! Xo “

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