Lily Tomlin Clears The Air About Dolly Parton’s Professionalism In Acting

Actress Lily Tomlin discussed her past projects and memories related to them in a recent interview with Sirius XM. In her statements, Tomlin revealed the truth about her former co-star Dolly Parton‘s acting in her first project.

Tomlin and Parton shared the lead roles in the 1980 comedy film, ‘9 to 5,’ whose plot was about the friendship of three women who worked for the same company and stood against their sexist boss. The film marked Dolly Parton’s acting debut, and she received negative and positive remarks at its release. In her recent interview, Lily Tomlin cleared the air about the ‘tales’ that fired up the negative ones and commented on the singer’s acting abilities.

The actress stated that she did not need to assist Parton during the movie’s production, as she was fully prepared even before they started shooting. She refuted the false stories regarding her preparation and explained that the musician had memorized the whole script and attended the set so prepared that she could help her co-stars with their lines.

Tomlin’s words about Parton’s acting were as follows:

“I didn’t have to nurture them [Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton] in any way at all. They just were – They just played it straight as I play; I would play it straight, maybe with a little turn to it or an exaggeration at some point, but we just naturally did that.

It was Dolly’s first movie. You know, I mean, a lot of tales have been told about her in all the intervening years, as would be. But she memorized the entire script before we started shooting. She came in; she knew my part; she knew Jane’s part. She would help us [when we forgot our lines].”

Lily Tomlin commented that Dolly Parton was quite attentive in her first movie project and didn’t require any intervention, owing to her natural acting ability. According to Parton’s former co-star, she highly appreciated her talent and debunked the negative remarks and rumors surrounding the musician’s acting career as untrue.