Liam Gallagher Thinks Working In The Same Studio With Dave Grohl Would Be Weird

During a conversation with Radio X, Oasis icon Liam Gallagher recently reflected on his latest collaboration with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. According to the musician, a recording process in the same studio with Grohl would have been weird as they both recorded their parts in different countries.

The last studio album Liam Gallagher released was his second one entitled ‘Why Me? Why Not.‘ which was out on September 20, 2019. The album generally received positive reviews from critics and debuted at no. 1 on the U.K. Albums Chart. Its lead single named ‘Shockwave’ became one of Gallagher’s biggest solo hits and his first solo single to top a chart in general after reaching no. 1 in Scotland.

Two years after releasing his record, Gallagher announced that he would release a third solo album, ‘C’mon You Know,’ on May 27, 2022. Following this thrilling news, the Oasis icon also stated that the first single to be released from the album was going to be a song co-written by Dave Grohl. Eventually, the lead single named ‘Everything’s Electric‘ was released on February 4, 2022, featuring Dave Grohl on drums.

Since his fans got a little bit of taste from his upcoming album thanks to this song, Liam Gallagher recently opened up about how the collaboration happened in the first place. Apparently, the entire album was finished before Gallagher was informed that he had another song to record at the last minute. After hearing ‘Everything’s Electric,’ the singer liked what he heard and recorded the song that ended up being the album’s lead single.

After finding out that Gallagher and Grohl recorded the song in two separate studios in different countries, the interviewer wanted to know if that made a difference in the process. According to Gallagher, it would be weird to sit in the same studio with Dave Grohl to record a song, which is why this way was the best type of collaboration the two could have done.

Gallagher’s statement about the collaboration follows:

“We finished the album. We’ve been messing around with it for about two months on and off with the COVID. So then we finished it, there were obviously bits of it that were done in America, but I wasn’t there. So anyway, we finished it off, got all the songs. I’m of the pub because I’ve been working really hard, and I get a phone call going, ‘Look, don’t go to the pub just yet. They’ve got a song for you.’

So I was like, ‘Go on then.’ So I heard it and gone, ‘Yeah man, it’s cool. That’ll fit on the album. So I hold off the alcohol intake until the next day, and then we go back into the studio to record it. This is what we ended up with. Dave was in L.A. with Greg, and I was in sunny London.

When asked if recording apart makes a difference, Gallagher continued:

“Not one bit. People might think that’s weird, but I’d think I’d find it weird that me in a studio with Dave Grohl there and Greg Kurstin, and us all going for it. I’d find that weird. So me just been doing my thing, and him doing his thing, and we all just meet in the middle.”

You can watch the interview and listen to ‘Everything’s Electric’ below.