Liam Gallagher Says His Brother Noel Can’t Find Anyone To Sing Like Him

Liam Gallagher recently spoke to the Guardian for an interview and argued that his brother Noel Gallager could not get a singer who sings the same way he does.

Liam Gallagher became famous for being the lead vocalist of Oasis between 1991 and 2009, but he has also pursued a successful solo music career. Throughout his career with Oasis, Liam and his brother Noel remained the staple members of the band, and they contributed to the band’s success together.

In 1991, Gallagher joined a band named the Rain, renamed Oasis later on. Then he invited his brother Noel to join them as the lead guitarist. Although all of their albums became great successes, Oasis failed to revive Britpop, which declined in popularity. On August 28, 2009, Noel left Oasis after a fight with Liam, and they both pursued solo careers.

In a featured article in the Guardian, fans asked Liam Gallagher some questions. A fan nicknamed ‘TurangaLeela2’ asked Gallagher whether he would give his brother Noel one of his kidneys if he were the only donor match. Gallagher then said he would and continued to reveal his thoughts on Noel.

Gallagher expressed his love for Noel and said Noel would also give him one of his kidneys. Following that, he implied that he isn’t surprised by being more successful than his brother. According to Gallagher, fans want to hear his voice, and he could easily find someone to play Noel’s guitar parts. However, Noel cannot get any singer to sing like him.

In the Guardian article, a fan nicknamed ‘TurangaLeela2’ asked Noel Gallagher the following:

“If Noel’s life depended on a new kidney and you were the only donor match, would you give him one of yours?”

Gallagher then said:

“Without a doubt. Of course, I would. He’s my brother, man, and I love him. I’d give you one as well, mate. Do I think he’d give me one of his? Yeah. He’s all bravado. He and all his celebrity mates just get up their own arses. I’m sure they’re good people, but they’re very insecure.

Am I surprised I’ve ended up more successful? It depends on what you judge by success. I’m sure Noel’s very happy in his world. He wrote some great songs, and I sang them. It’s the voice that people want to hear. I could get someone to play Noel’s guitar parts for ten a penny. Noel can’t get anyone to sing like me.

I work hard, give people what they want, and am not pretentious. You can’t go on stage, play your new album, one to 11, and expect people to come to your gigs. You put a few new songs in there, but you’ve got to play the hits.”

So, it seems Liam thinks he can easily find a guitarist to play Noel’s parts for a small amount of money, but Noel can’t find a singer like him as the fans want his voice.