Liam Gallagher Reacts To Noel’s Plan To Bring Oasis Back Without Him

Noel Gallagher’s plans to bring Oasis back without his brother backfired.

Liam Gallagher took to X to address his brother’s plans for the band. When a user asked him what he thinks of the hologram shows Noel plans to do, Liam responded with just one word:


Liam is kicking off his 30th-anniversary ‘Definitely Maybe’ tour in Sheffield this June. He’ll be performing all the hit tracks from Oasis’ same-named album. Since he announced the tour, the rumors spread that Noel would join him on stage. Another user asked about if the rumors were true, to which Liam responded:

“He’s asked for tickets.”

Noel’s Plans Of Oasis Shows

Earlier, Noel shared his experience of the ABBA hologram show he watched. Since then, he said he would think of doing a similar show inspired by ABBA and Oasis’ shows from the 1990s.

However, this isn’t the only part of his plan. Previously, Noel joked about performing alongside a hologram of his brother, Liam Gallagher, saying that Liam was ‘not actually real.’ The comments came after Noel’s 2016 remarks about Oasis’s breakup. In the previous interview, he playfully suggested staging concerts with holograms and even starting rumors about his own holographic performances without Liam:

“I did say that once, right, in the press, that I was gonna stage the concert with holograms, and I think Liam took it seriously. Liam is a hologram anyway. I don’t know if people know that, he’s not actually real. But yeah, of course I’d do it. If anything ever changes, trust me, he would be the first to let people know about it.”