Lenny Kravitz Shares How His Guitar Playing Stunned Prince

Earlier, Kravitz shared some wise words he got from Prince about taking time to unwind and recharge.

During a chat with Audacy’s Mike Adam, the musician recalled a piece of advice from the late Prince. As he says, Prince emphasized the importance of carving out time for yourself to relax, heal, and enjoy some recreation:

“I don’t ever feel uninspired or dry. There’s just breaks that need to happen where you need to have some recreation. Prince taught me a really interesting thing. He used to like to play with words and he said, ‘The word ‘recreation’ is re-creation,’ but the way we say the word, we don’t think of the words for what they are: Re-creation. So, you got to step away, chill, and then it comes again.”

While they were not close friends or constant collaborators, Prince and Kravitz had a connection built on respect, admiration, and the occasional jam sessions.