Lenny Kravitz Doesn’t Have Regrets About His Infidelities

Lenny Kravitz recently spoke to Esquire about his past romantic relationships and mentioned not having regrets about his infidelities with ex-partners. Revealing the reason behind his disloyalty, he explained:

“I won’t lie to you, being confident that this is the person for me, always thinking something else may be better. It was hardcore. Those moments are part of the journey. I put some people through some hard times.”

Thoughts Of Remarriage

After divorcing his first wife, Lisa Bonet, Kravitz came close to tying the knot again a few times during his relationship with Adriana Lima and Nicole Kidman but never remarried. Sharing his thoughts about remarrying in the future, the singer said:

“The desire has always been there. The tools in which to do so have not always been there. Absolutely. I’ve grown enough. I’ve become stronger. I’ve become more disciplined. I’ve become more open to be able to do so. But it’s been a very difficult thing for me to figure out.”

The Possibility Of Having Another Child

Kravitz and Bonet, who got married in 1987, have a daughter named Zoë Isabella Kravitz, born in 1988. As a 34-year-old actress, Zoë is the rocker’s only child, but he is open to having more children under the right conditions:

“I could not, and I could. If it doesn’t happen, I’ve done the best with Zoë that I could ever dream to do. If I was with somebody that wanted to have kids, absolutely. A hundred percent.”

Kravitz’s Relationship With His Ex-Wife’s Family

While having only one child of his own, Kravitz is in a close relationship with Bonet’s two children from her second husband, Jason Momoa, because the ex-couple didn’t cut contact after getting divorced in 1993.

According to his words, the two kids, Lola Iolani and Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha, call the singer ‘Uncle Lenny’ due to his and Bonet’s friendship.