Lemmy Kilmister’s Favorite Musician He Didn’t Get To Play With

Lemmy Kilmister had one of the most prominent names in the rock scene as a founder of Motörhead, who is the pioneer of the new wave of British heavy metal. The musician released many successful albums with the band, all of which contributed to the band’s and Kilmister’s solid spot among the A-list musicians of rock and metal music.

Moreover, Kilmister worked with well-known names like Dave Grohl as a perk of being a respected rocker. Despite a career filled with success and the opportunity to play with numerous other iconic names, the musician had admitted that there is one artist he would have liked to play with but didn’t get the chance.

Who’s The Musician Lemmy Kilmister Wanted To Play Together?

Lemmy had collaborated with his fan and fellow musician Dave Grohl, and the two became close friends. He worked with Grohl in his album ‘Probot,’ released in 2004; the duo performed ‘Shake Your Blood’ from the album together. They also collaborated for a festive Christmas jingle, ‘Run Rudolph Run,’ released in 2008.

Billy Gibbons was also a participant in the project, and the trio worked together to recreate the song. However, Lemmy admitted in a 2011 interview that he recorded the music together physically, but Billy Gibbons added his vocals later on. Even though Lemmy was a huge fan, he didn’t get to play with him, which he would have wanted to.

Here is what the interviewer asked Lemmy in 2011:

“Do you have a favorite musician that you’ve jammed with or have gotten to meet in the past or one that stands out?”

Lemmy answered:

“Let me see now, let me think. Favorite musicians. You know, I like Billy Gibbons, though I’ve never played with him.”

The interviewer continued:

“Didn’t you record the Christmas song ‘Run, Rudolph, Run’ with Gibbons and Dave Grohl?”

Lemmy replied:

“Oh yeah, we did that, but Billy wasn’t there. He put his lead on later. It was just me and Dave that did the tracks.”

You can listen to ‘Run Rudolph Run’ below.