Lawrence Gowan Recalls His Concerns About Phil Collins Playing At The Genesis Show

During a new appearance on Artists on Record, Styx lead singer and keyboardist Lawrence Gowan revealed that he was concerned about a Genesis Show. The rocker stated that he was worried about Phil Collins not playing drums at the last Genesis concert he went to, yet it was a great show.

Genesis frontman Phil Collins has been struggling with several health issues. In 2009, the singer had to undergo surgery to repair dislocated vertebrae in his upper neck, which he injured while drumming on the 2007 Genesis tour. The operation caused the drummer to lose feeling in his fingers. Thus, he could hold drumsticks only if they were taped to his hands.

His health issues caused Collings to undergo back surgery again in 2015, leaving him with nerve damage. Two years later, the rocker suffered a fall that resulted in him having to walk with a cane. Despite all the pain and suffering, Phil Collins continued singing on the stage with Genesis. His son, Nic Collins, took over on the drums and played until Genesis’ farewell show.

While talking about the concerts that left a mark on his mind, Lawrence Gowan recalled watching Genesis on the stage after the pandemic. Before going to the show, he was concerned because he thought it wouldn’t be the same without Phil Collins not playing the drums. However, it turned out to be the most incredible Genesis show he’s ever seen. Collins had a fantastic performance, although he had to sit down. Gowan also liked Nic Collins’ drumming performance and the youthful vitality he brought to the band.

Lawrence Gowan speaking on his concerns about Phil Collins:

“After the pandemic and after we played a bunch of shows with Styx, the first concert I got an opportunity to go to was Genesis. I had these silly little nagging things in my head like, ‘But Phil Collins is not going to be playing the drums.’ I want to keep that memory alive of watching him play, wringing my hands like, ‘Should I?’ I went to the show, and it might have been the greatest Genesis show I’ve ever seen.

He embodied so many of the lyrics of their songs. He now personifies that he had to sit down and sing these songs. His son is right behind him, nailing the drum parts like just putting a whole youthful vitality into songs again. I felt like no wonder people love this so much. It is not just me, and I can say at a Styx show, as I look across the stage, at the other guys, I am sometimes as entertained as the person in the front row, but in a better seat.”

You can watch the full interview below.