Lars Ulrich’s Son Myles On Growing Up Around Metallica

When one’s father is the drummer of Metallica, it might seem inevitable to pursue a music career. This is probably why Lars Ulrich’s sons, Myles and Layne, began their professional music careers and formed the band Taipei Houston. Their father’s career must have influenced their life and music, and Myles recently opened up about this in an interview with Loudwire.

“I think having the privilege of getting to be around music your whole life and getting to be around people who are very seriously creative and also are trying to take their craft further is a very inspiring thing,” said Myles about growing up with Metallica around. The new musician’s statement made it clear that he has observed every member of Metallica during his time with them.

Myles Ulrich continued by discussing the different aspects that contributed to his wish to pursue a career in music. The drummer explained, “I learned a lot from that part. Getting to see a lot of shows and being exposed to the music of all different kinds has definitely been a gift. I’d say that’s something that influenced me a lot.”

In their band, Myles plays drums and guitar, while Layne handles the bass and vocal duties. Their career started by covering some Beatles songs, but Taipei Houston released their debut single, ‘As The Sun Sets,’ in August. Around the same time, they made many appearances, such as in Lollapalooza. The band dropped the album titled ‘Once Bit Never Bored’ in November, and it seems like they will continue creating new music.

As his sons are making a name for themselves in the music industry, Lars Ulrich once revealed his opinions about his children’s work. The drummer had expressed his pride and happiness with his sons’ ventures. He also added that his communication with the new musicians is genuine, as Ulrich said he also gives them criticism regarding their work.