Lars Ulrich Recalls Last Phone Call With Taylor Hawkins That Will Inspire Him Forever

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently took to his Instagram to express his feelings about Taylor Hawkins‘ unexpected passing. He also revealed his last conversation with the drummer in his post, which inspired him deeply.

The news of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins’ death at 50 shook the rock music world. The band decided to announce the tragic news with their fans in a tweet and asked for privacy and respect towards his family. Hawkins’ cause of death is not known yet, but it is indeed very untimely for the band and his fans.

Following this tragic announcement, Hawkins’ fellow musicians felt devastated and heartbroken. Moreover, many of them offered their condolences and paid tribute to Hawkins via their social media accounts, such as Nikki Sixx, Brian May, Ozzy Osbourne, and Travis Barker.

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich also addressed his feelings about Taylor Hawkins’ death in his recent Instagram post. He chose to express his thoughts with an open letter to the late drummer and thanked him for his warm smile, energy, and good vibes that lighted up every room.

Moreover, Lars Ulrich revealed he visited Hawkins performance and said he was amazed by his drumming talents. Then, Ulrich recalled his last phone call with the Foo Fighters drummer, saying it was touching and inspiring to him. According to the Metallica icon, Hawkins told him ‘drummers stick together,’ but now the community has lost one of its precious members.

Lars Ulrich’s Instagram post read:

“Thank you, Taylor. Thank you for always having the biggest, warmest smile on your face and for lighting up every room with your infectious energy and good vibes.

At BottleRock recently, I had the best seat in the house right above you and once again stood in amazement watching as you effortlessly steered Foo Fighters through a two-hour festival set with the perfect balance of swing, swagger, bounce, and insane chops.

Your phone call a week ago touched and inspired me, and I will always be appreciative of you championing our community as in your parting words. ‘Drummers stick together!’ Damn right, brother. Except now, the community is lesser without you.

Rest In Peace.”

Below, you can check out the picture Lars Ulrich included in his post.

Photo Credit: Lars Ulrich – Instagram