Lars Ulrich Details Iron Maiden’s Influence On ‘The Call Of Ktulu’

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich joined an interview with SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation and expressed his ideas about one of their instrumental songs that became a classic for their fans. Ulrich stated that Iron Maiden and many other rock and metal bands became influences for that song.

‘Ride the Lightning’ is the second studio album of Metallica, released on July 27, 1984. Thanks to their late bassist Cliff Burton’s contributions, the band mainly focused on music theory and songwriting. It was the last record with their former guitarist Dave Mustaine was credited as a songwriter for some tracks on the album, while his successor Kirk Hammett started to co-write songs with the other band members.

One of the tracks from the record, ‘The Call of Ktulu,’ which was inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s well-known story of the same name, was written by Hetfield, Burton, Ulrich, and Mustaine. The song’s mysterious and horror style drew significant attention from both the author’s fans and metalheads. In his conversation, Ulrich talked about their choosing an instrumental piece to take place on their album for the first time.

The Metallica drummer revealed that Iron Maiden’s previous instrumental works influenced them along with the several iconic rock bands, Deep Purple, Mule, Rush with their ‘YYZ,’ Led Zeppelin, and their classic ‘Moby Dick.’ In addition to naming their inspirations while working on the song years ago, Ulrich stated that ‘The Call of Ktulu’ was an intriguing work of art whose roots belonged to classical music.

In Ulrich’s words, he said:

“But again, ‘Ktulu’ was our first foray into. Iron Maiden used to do instrumentals on their records. Even going back to Deep Purple, you know, and Mule and obviously, classics like ‘YYZ’ from Rush and Led Zeppelin doing ‘Moby Dick’ and whatever. It was always intriguing, and maybe ‘Ktulu’s roots are a little more in a sort of in the classical music component.”

You can listen to the song below.