Lars Ulrich Admits Metallica’s Attitude Towards Fans Has Changed

As Metallica’s M72 tour in the US continues, Lars Ulrich took some time to chat with FOX 10’s Danielle Miller and discuss the primary shift in the band’s mindset regarding their fanbase after their journey of more than four decades in the industry.

Reflecting on what it’s like to keep still performing for huge crowds, the drummer said:

“You still feel like the same 18-year-olds, 20-year-olds or 30-year-olds, as we’ve done in the past when you’re walking out, and obviously, 42 years into a career, to be able to still do this, to be able to still bring fans together and share a musical experience at the level that it’s still happening is otherworldly. We could never have dreamed of this.”

However, there is a difference between their younger days and now, as he further explained:

“I think the main difference now is that we slow down long enough to take it in and appreciate it and show gratitude and be grateful, where when you are younger, you’re always in such a hurry to just get to the next thing. But nowadays, it’s crazy that this is still happening.”

In related news, Metallica had to reschedule the second night of their ‘No Repeat Weekend’ at State Farm Stadium due to frontman James Hetfield testing positive for COVID-19. The initial concert, set for September 3, will happen on September 9. The band released a statement, saying:

“Night two in Glendale is rescheduled to September 9. We’re very sorry to report that tomorrow’s scheduled M72 date at State Farm Stadium has been postponed to Saturday, September 9, 2023, as, unfortunately, COVID has caught up with James.”

You can watch Ulrich’s interview with FOX 10 here.