Lamb of God Guitarist Says Zakk Wylde Can’t Fill Dimebag Darrell’s Shoes

Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton recently spoke his mind about Zakk Wylde. During an interview with Guitar World, Morton shared his thoughts on going on tour with Pantera and admitted what he thinks of Wylde as the replacement for Dimebag Darrell.

Though the guitarist thinks Wylde is the perfect fit for the band, he seems to have some other thoughts about not only Wylde but anyone trying to fill the place of the former guitarist. Morton said:

“Honestly, Zakk is the only guy to play those songs in this context. I can’t say he’s taking that spot… because nobody can. Zakk is a monster guitarist and another huge influence on me. But nobody fills those shoes, not even Zakk. I imagine he would say exactly the same thing. He’s playing those songs very well and I think he’s the only person who could do them justice like that.”

Morton then shared his opinion on the new lineup of the band and thoughts on the band overall:

“As you mentioned, he was closely connected to Dime and Pantera from back in the day and the same goes for Charlie [Benante] too. Respect to everyone that put it together this way because it’s the only way it would have worked, in my opinion… and my opinion doesn’t matter. All that matters is that it’s great for the fans. That’s the biggest plus – all of the people getting to see those songs live and celebrate the music.”

Wylde has been getting mixed feedback from different people since he joined the new lineup of Pantera. With the criticism he faced, the guitarist warned the fans to not expect him to sound exactly like Dimebag. Wylde also doesn’t see himself as just a replacement for the band but sees it as a way to honor the late guitarist.

Lamb Of God is now on tour with Pantera. See the dates and details here.