Brian May Responds To Rumours About Queen’s Upcoming Live Shows

Queen + Adam Lambert’s worldwide Rhapsody Tour, which started in 2019 but was postponed for two years due to the pandemic, concluded in July this summer. Following the success of the shows, it seems like the band has been planning to perform with Lambert for more live gigs, as Brian May revealed during a recent chat with BBC Radio 2’s the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show.

When asked about the rumors of more Queen shows with Adam, the guitarist replied, “Are there rumors? Well, we are talking very seriously about it, yeah. I think we’re about to press a button. I can’t tell you what it is, but very soon. ‘If we’re spared,’ as my mum used to say, we’ll be out the latter part of next year. Somewhere, possibly.”

In a previous interview with Variety, Brian May had already hinted that they would probably hit the road sometime in the next year. The guitarist explained that they had been talking about that with Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert. Although it had been hard for May to tour for days due to his advancing age, the musician said he wanted to hit the stage if he felt fit enough.

The band’s latest Rhapsody tour, which ended with a final performance on July 25 in Tampere, Finland, received significant interest from the fans. There were also some emotional moments during these shows, like the band honoring their late frontman Freddie Mercury during a London gig.