Lamb Of God ‘Cooked Up Something’ With Kublai Khan And Malevolence

In a recent post on X, Lamb of God teased new music with Kublai Khan and Malevolence.

The band posted a 32-second preview of the unnamed track on social media and wrote by tagging Kublai Khan and Malevolence:

“We cooked up something with a couple friends.”

The tease features heavy drumming and guitar riffs from Mark Morton and Willie Adler. Randy Blythe delivers intense vocals, along with hardcore-style gang vocals. Lamb of God tagged Kublai Khan and Malevolence in their post, but it’s not clear if they contributed to the crew chants or other parts of the track.

Fans Are Excited For The Upcoming Track

It isn’t known when this new song will be released. Lamb of God’s latest single was ‘Evidence,’ which they released in fall 2023. Fans got excited about the collaboration in the comments. One wrote:

“Ohhhhhh yessss.”

Another one added:

“Hell yeah just saw kublai khan tx. Exciting.”

One other fan was also happy to see Kublai Khan team up with Lamb of God:

“You cooked up something great Kublai Khan has been serving up some great tunes recently.”

Lamb Of God Will Start Touring Soon

Lamb of God will likely release the new song before their Ashes Of Leviathan tour with Mastodon across North America starting July 19. The tour also includes Kerry King and Malevolence, their new collaborators. Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe previously said the following about touring with King:

“We have a long-term friendship with Kerry and the Slayer guys. Of course, now it’s him and [Slayer drummer Paul] Bostaph [who are involved in King’s solo band]. We’re friends with everyone in his band, and it’s pretty cool, I think, that he’s gonna be coming out. I believe this is gonna be the first tour he’s gonna be doing. I know he’s doing some festivals maybe before that, I think, but this is gonna be the first tour, to my knowledge. So we’re pretty stoked on that.”

The tour will continue until the end of August.

You can see the tweets below.