Korn’s Jonathan Davis Once Wanted To Punch Fred Durst

It’s not so uncommon for rockers to feud or even get physical with one another. However, when it comes to Korn frontman Jonathan Davis and Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst’s relationship, things are more complex than your usual feud.

The pair started off as friends, as Korn famously helped Limp Bizkit sign into a label. Then, Fred even appeared in a Korn song called ‘All in the Family,’ which Davis later called the band’s ‘worst song.’

However, the reason why the frontman wanted to punch Durst wasn’t because of the said song. It was because he thought Limp Bizkit took credit and profited from Ministry’s tracks, one of Jon’s favorite bands.

Davis delved into this claim while giving an interview in 2011 for a Ministry documentary, as he recalled how much the band influenced him as a young rock fan. Then, the frontman revealed his annoyance towards Limp Bizkit covering Ministry, as they led their fans into misconceptions.

Korn frontman first expressed why he was mad at Limp Bizkit fans:

“Limp Bizkit did ‘Thieves,’ they did cover that, they do that sh*t live. What pissed me off more than anything in the world about that [was] f*cking Limp Bizkit fans thought Limp Bizkit did that. I wanted to punch people in the f*cking face.”

He then further delved into why he wanted to punch Durst specifically:

“I wanted to punch Fred in the f*cking face because they did that and kids thought it was a f*cking Limp Bizkit song. It was so f*cking disrespectful. I was pissed when kids were like ‘Will you play that? That Limp Bizkit’s song?’ I was like, ‘Oh.’ It made my blood f*cking boil.”

It’s currently not clear whether Jon and Durst still maintain their close relationship or even keep in touch, but considering Korn and Limp Bizkit toured the UK together in 2016, it might be safe to assume that the two bands are still friendly, for better or worse.