Klaus Meine Says He Suggested The Scorpions Find A New Singer

Scorpions’ Klaus Meine looked back at the time of recording their 1982 album ‘Blackout’ when he temporarily lost his voice. In a recent chat with Classic Rock, Klaus revealed that he had to suggest to his bandmates to start looking for a new lead singer. When asked how he got through that rough patch the singer replied:

“Encouragement from Rudolf [Schenker] and the whole group. It got so bad that I suggested the guys find another singer. However, they had my back and I was able to keep going. I tried everything within the bounds of possibility.”

Klaus recalled the specialist who worked with him to recuperate his voice. He added:

“In the process came across a Viennese specialist who worked with opera singers. He was the right doctor at the right time, and slowly but steadily helped me to rebuild my voice.”

After undergoing two surgeries to remove nodes by laser from his vocal cords, it took the singer several months to come back to record once again. Klaus reminisced about the day he was able to return to the studio and actually sing. He expressed:

“When I returned to the Dierks Studios afterwards, everyone was listening intently, of course. They were very excited to hear how my vocals sounded. Fortunately, during the following recordings everything went not only well but very well. Of course, luck also played a role. Normally after several operations on the vocal cords, speaking – not to mention singing – improves hugely.”

You can read Klaus Meine’s interview with Classic Rock here and listen to ‘Blackout’ below.