Rick Allen Recalls His First Show With Def Leppard After The Accident


Rick Allen recently spoke on a video shared by Def Leppard’s official Twitter account and remembered the first time he took the stage with Def Leppard after the horrible car crash.

On December 31, 1984, Rick Allen had a car crash and hit a drystone wall. Unfortunately, he was thrown out of the car and severed his left arm. After the incident, the doctors reattached Allen’s arm but had to re-amputate it due to an infection. This looked like the end of Allen’s music career, but his bandmates thought otherwise.

Although Rick Allen was severely depressed and wanted to disappear following this unfortunate accident, his Def Leppard bandmates helped him recover from this period and gave him courage. Soon after, they built Allen a specially designed electronic drum kit to help him play drums again. The drummer then continued performing with the band.

On August 16, 1986, Allen returned to drumming on stage with Def Leppard at the Monsters Of Rock Festival at Castle Donington. In a recent tweet, Def Leppard celebrated the 36th anniversary of Allen’s first show after the crash, describing this as a ‘special anniversary’ for him.

Def Leppard also shared a video message from Rick Allen in their tweet. In the video, the drummer recalled the show at Castle Donington. He then said he and Joe Elliott decided to play it like a regular show, but everyone was expecting a statement. However, Elliott didn’t say anything but ‘Okay,’ and everyone showered Allen with their support that day.

Def Leppard’s tweet read:

“August 16th is a special anniversary for Rick Allen.”

Here is what Rick Allen said about the first show he played with Def Leppard after the car accident:

“August 16th is the anniversary, not of the first Donington show we played. That was in 1980. But in 1986, which is 36 years ago, that was when I came back and played for tons of people. Joe and I said before the show, ‘ Let’s not say anything; let’s just play it like a normal show.’ But there was a wave of anticipation that Joe would say something to the audience about me being there.

I remember him just stopping and saying, ‘Okay.’ [I felt it from] the audience, I felt it from my family, everybody that was there to support me. I just felt support; I felt overwhelming support from everybody there. It was pretty awesome, one of the best days of my life.”

You can check out the tweet below.