Klaus Meine Opens Up About Getting Older And How It Effects Scorpions

In a recent conversation with Jorge Botas, Scorpions’ vocalist Klaus Meine talked about the band’s current works. Meine mentioned how the pandemic affected them as old musicians.

Scorpions were confronted with the difficulties of the pandemic as all other musicians were. In 2020, they faced obstacles because of the restrictions while creating their latest album ‘Rock Believer.’ After a year, Scorpions announced the release date as of February 25. The band also would hit the road for a European tour to promote the album.

The band launched their headlining show ‘Sin City Nights’ in Zappos Theatre in March 2022. Since the last show Scorpions had was in 2016, it was a challenging process to adapt to performing again. Klaus Meine talked about these difficulties in a previous interview. According to the vocalist, it was physically demanding going back to playing live after a long period of becoming distanced from the stage.

In a recent interview, Meine stated that the pandemic affected them as the band members grew older. However, according to him, the most affected musicians were the younger ones because they didn’t have the opportunity to tour as much as the experienced rockers. Meine found themselves lucky as they calmed down and used the lockdowns efficiently for creating new works.

Klaus Meine explained in his words:

“I was questioning myself. We’re getting older. In this pandemic, it was so hard for every musician on this planet. But it hit the young generation more than us. We toured so much for us; in a way, it was good to slow down a bit and calm down. But for the young musicians, it was hell. We were in the lucky position we could lean back and hopefully come up with something that is, as they say in Vegas, hits the jackpot.”

You can watch the entire interview and their new album below.