Klaus Meine Names The Song That Laid Out The Formula For Scorpions

Scorpions frontman Klaus Meine recently opened up about Led Zeppelin‘s influence on the band’s early career during an interview. According to the singer, their song entitled ‘What Is And What Should Never Be’ was one of the tracks that helped develop Scorpions’ sound.

What Is and What Should Never Be’ was included as the second track on Led Zeppelin’s second studio album entitled ‘Led Zeppelin II,’ released on October 22, 1969. The track was one of the first songs on which Jimmy Page used his future trademark Gibson Les Paul for recording. In addition to this, it was also one of the first songs recorded for which Robert Plant received writing credit.

Althought it’s not one of the well-known songs from Led Zeppelin’s catalog, it appears to have a special place for Klaus Meine and the Scorpions’ music career. During an interview, the singer looked back on the time when the band was first formed in 1965 which was the time when it included Michael Schenker as a member.

Apparently, Klaus Meine and Michael Schenker were members of a band before forming Scorpions. During that period of time, the two bandmates were into Led Zeppelin and everything they released around that time. One of their favorite songs to listen to backstage was ‘What Is And What Should Never Be.’

In addition to liking the song and listening to it in the rehearsing room, Meine said that ‘What Is And What Should Never Be’ has the formula that gave the inspiration for the Scorpions’ sound. While the band’s musical style has ranged from hard rock, heavy metal, glam metal, and soft rock since its inception, it appears that Led Zeppelin contributed to their early sound.

When asked what Led Zeppelin mean to him, Meine said:

“Led Zeppelin means the world for us because listening to ‘Led Zeppelin I,’ ‘Led Zeppelin II,’ and whatever they released in those days. ‘What Is And What Should Never Be‘ is one of the songs when I had this little band before I joined the Scorpions, I played together with Michael Schenker in a band. In the rehearsing room, this was one of the songs we played. Michael also loved Led Zeppelin a lot, and I think this was the formula that laid out the Scorpions’ sound.”

You can listen to the interview and ‘What Is And What Should Never Be’ below.