Kirk Hammett’s Confession About Jason Newsted


There is no doubt that Metallica has become one of the most successful representatives of heavy metal. With their fast tempos, distinctive sound, experimental use of instruments, and aggressive style, the band placed themselves among the big four bands of thrash metal. However, things weren’t always all fun and games for Metallica.

During his tenure in the band, James Hetfield struggled with addiction, which negatively impacted his contributions to Metallica. Besides, they lost their beloved friend Cliff Burton to an ill-fated bus crash. After Burton’s tragic passing, Jason Newsted joined Metallica, and while recalling Newsted’s tenure with the band in 2020, Kirk Hammett made a confession about the bassist.

What Did Kirk Hammett Admit About The Way Jason Newsted Was Treated?


Cliff Burton joined the band after Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield discovered his talents in 1982 and decided to move to San Fransisco for him. Burton played on their first three albums during his time with Metallica between 1982 and 1986. Sadly, the bassist died in a bus crash in Sweden while touring to support the album ‘Master Of Puppets.’

All Metallica members were close friends with Burton, so his passing affected them deeply. After some time, they decided to move on and hired Jason Newsted as Burton’s replacement. However, their grief had a negative impact on Newsted, and the bassist remained in the background for most of the time during his career.

Despite that, Newsted continued with Metallica for twelve years and contributed to many of their albums, the most notable being the ‘Black Album.’ In 2002, the bassist couldn’t stay with Metallica any longer and decided to leave to focus on his solo career. However, he kept in touch with them and joined Metallica’s induction to the Hall Of Fame in 2009.

In 2020, Kirk Hammett spoke to Gibson and reflected on the band’s tenure with Cliff Burton and Jason Newsted. He stated that they didn’t know how to process their grief for Burton, so they made Newsted the scapegoat for all those feelings. Hammett then admitted he is regretful for behaving Newsted like that, but they didn’t know any other way back then.

Speaking to Gibson, Kirk Hammett said the following about Jason Newsted:

“I hate to say it, but Jason became the scapegoat for all those feelings we did not know how to process. And to this day, I regret behaving like that and then taking that attitude, but you didn’t know better.”

According to Kirk Hammett, their attitude towards Jason Newsted was negative because they didn’t know how to grieve after Cliff Burton’s loss. As a result, they directed their anger, sadness, and grief toward the bassist. However, Newsted is still in touch with Lars Ulrich, and he revealed he would accept the offer to join Metallica if Ulrich would ask him.