Kirk Hammett Finally Reveals Why He Liked Limp Bizkit’s ‘Sanitarium’ Cover

If you are a Limp Bizkit or a Metallica fan, you might be familiar with Limp Bizkit’s cover of ‘Sanitarium’ during the ‘Metallica MTV Icon’ in 2003. Though it became a controversial cover for most, Kirk Hammett loved it.

Now more recently, Hammett revealed whether or not he likes hearing people’s own versions of their music in the recent episode of ‘The Metallica Report.’ He said that recreating it makes it better than playing it accurately note for note:

“I love it when people interpret the music through their own filter. And I think that’s the proper way other people should play other people’s music. But I also understand that people like to recreate it note for note to get that same experience of playing those exact notes. So I support both approaches fully — fully support both approaches. But the one I prefer to hear is our music being put through someone else’s filter so it comes out different and more individual, more personalized. And, for me, I think it leads to much more interesting results than — I don’t know — just trying to play it note for note.”

During the performance, Hammett was also seen smiling and nodding during the band’s cover of their song.

Limp Bizkit Has A History Of Covering Metallica On Stage

In addition to the ‘Sanctuary’ cover, Limp Bizkit has also covered ‘Master Of Puppets’ on stage many times. The very first cover occurred in Limp Bizkit’s October 10 1999 St. Louis show. Two years later, the rockers once again covered the thrashers’ hit song on stage.

Below, you can see both performances.