Kenney Jones Responds To Roger Daltrey Calling Him The ‘Wrong Drummer’ For The Who

Kenney Jones recently joined a conversation with Classic Album Review, where he addressed comments made by The Who’s lead vocalist, Roger Daltrey, regarding Jones’s fit as the drummer for the band.

The interviewer reminded the drummer of Daltrey’s statements, saying:

“Roger Daltrey, he said in his autobiography, and I’m quoting: ‘Kenny Jones is a great drummer, but he was completely wrong drummer for the Who.’ What do you think his problem with you was? Why do you think he was so not so positive ?”

Jones expressed confusion, stating:

“I have no idea. It’s in his own mind. John [Entwistle] and I and Pete [Townshend] got along great. No problem. No problem me. Whatsoever.”

The Shadow Of Keith Moon

The musician then speculated that the timing of his joining—shortly after the death of Keith Moon—may have influenced Daltrey’s perspective, as he continued:

“I think I know why. I analyzed this a few times because, basically, [Keith] Moon had only been dead about three months before I joined the band. So when we started to do gigs, every time we looked around, he could see me instead of Moon, you know? I mean, that got to with it.”

Inside The Who’s Tumultuous Transition

Speaking to Rock History Music in August 2023, The Who’s producer, Bill Szymczyk, also reflected on the band’s dynamics during the recording of their 1981 album ‘Face Dances,’ which marked Jones’s debut with the band. He highlighted the friction between Daltrey and Jones, suggesting:

“He [Kenney] and I were the new kids; we both came in at the same time, and Roger had a fairly big beef with Kenney just because he wasn’t Keith Moon. [John] Entwistle [also] had a fairly big beef with me because I didn’t like the way he sounded half the time. I always tried to make him sound like a bass player because we already had a guitar player. So, it was just a tough time.”

Jones’s entry into The Who came at a personal invitation from Pete Townshend, following a period of reminiscence and persuasion. Despite initial hesitations due to commitments with another band, Jones’s peers encouraged him to seize the opportunity.

Watch the entire conversation below.