Keanu Reeves On Taking Bass Lessons From RHCP’s Flea

Keanu Reeves took bass lessons from Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea.

After their 20-year hiatus, Keanu Reeves is back with his band Dogstar. With the release of their new album, ‘Somewhere Between The Power Lines And Palm Trees,’ the Dogstar bassist sat down to talk about his dreams and how he achieved them.

Reeves recently guested on Fender’s YouTube series ‘Don’t Quit Your Daydream’ and told about his ways of playing bass. Although he is passionate about playing bass, he regrets one thing. He shared:

“The thing is, I didn’t have anyone to play with. I am a wild animal playing with a piece of wood. I didn’t learn a lot of songs. I didn’t listen to a song and try to figure it out. Kids, I regret that. You’re picking up an instrument; it’s cool to figure out what people have done before, but I wasn’t doing that, and so I would just play. I had no theory. I couldn’t play blues.”

He then shared how Flea helped him on bass:

“There was a house and there was amps and instruments and stuff like that, and I was like, ‘Hey, Flea. Could you give me a lesson?’ And he was like, ‘Sure, man!’ He was like [plays notes]. I was like, ‘All right.’ And he’s like, ‘Just feel it, man.'”

In the same interview, Reeves shared that he always wanted to learn how to play bass because he liked the tones and the vibration, which ‘spoke’ to him.

Flea isn’t the only RHCP member Reeves has interacted with before. Even though it was a minor role, the frontman Anthony Kiedis took role in ‘Point Break,’ which ended up selling over a hundred thousand dollars.

Below, you can see the latest video.