Kanye West’s Anti-Semitic Comments Don’t Affect Nick Cave’s Love For His Music

When Kanye West made the headlines with his hateful comments toward Jewish people, the rapper inevitably received a massive backlash from all walks of life, including many names from the music world. However, it seems like West’s harsh words didn’t harm his musical reputation in the eyes of Nick Cave. The singer said in an appearance on BBC’s Newsnight program that he still appreciates Kanye’s music.

“I find antisemitism in particular [to be] distasteful,” stressed Cave, marking that he doesn’t approve of anything West said about the Jewish community. “It’s been very disappointing to hear these remarks and such sort of obvious, boring kind of reductive tropes that he’s actually pedaling.”

Yet, the singer also expressed that he is not very interested in Kanye’s comments and can thus listen to his music. Nick Cave said, “It’s a personal choice as to whether you can go on and listen to that person’s music. I personally can. I love Kanye’s music. I feel that he’s done the best music of anybody in some time, the most interesting, challenging, bold music.”

Even though Cave criticized West for his anti-Semitic comments, he still values the rapper’s artistic talent. However, not many people agree with what the singer thinks about Kanye, considering that some social media platforms and companies have ended their business alliances with him. Many companies have felt compelled to take further action against West after receiving pressure.